Uncle Joe cozys up to Zuckerberg (2018, Colorized)

Episode 19: The Zuckerberg Trials

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The boys are back this week to talk the Zuckerberg hearings, 3 Californias, and Syrian bombs.

The bigger fish on this week’s plate is Zuckerberg’s unnecessary trip to Capitol Hill. The grumpy old men and women of congress got to let their idiot flags fly for a few minutes while they pretended to care about our privacy. The problem Facebook has is a singular issue, but the perception around data sales and ad targeting seems to skew many people’s ability to comprehend the situation. It clearly left many members of congress befuddled.

The state of California continues to grapple with a lopsided political environment. The past few years have seen a continuous effort to split the nation’s most populous state into more manageable smaller states. The state of Jefferson movement has been around for nearly a century. A Nor-Cal/So-Cal two state solution has been around for nearly as long. In recent years more inventive and dynamic division concepts have been proposed (see: 6 Californias). But we now have a new proposal that could be voted on in the fall of this year: splitting the golden state into 3 Californias.

The only moment that could potentially reach a similar level of irony was Syria. Again, a gas bomb went off. And again the media talking heads, various politicians, and even the POTUS grabbed for their sabbers and called for war. We know basically nothing besides the fact that a gas attack occurred, yet here we are. Should we go? Will we go? Dropping bombs on unstable countries is a neocon tradition, and one that democrats have adopted in the last decade. What we are missing in this “debate” seems to be skepticism and opposition. When supposedly opposed parties stand firm on a subject it’s usually best to question it immediately. And when that subject is war, it’s almost always best to stand against them both.

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