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Just Boozed: Pilot Post

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Do you love beer and liquor reviews as much as politics? I sure hope so, because I’m here to do both in a Boozed & Bothered blog.

But first, an introduction:
My name is Brian Hague and I’ll be writing for Just Boozed, Boozed & Bothered’s official alcohol column. While Sean and Johnathan talk about the latest political and social debauchery down in Sacramento, CA, I’ll be drinking, writing, and listening up here in Seattle, WA. I’m a big beer and whiskey fan, but I’m also what you call a “layman’s reviewer.” The breweries and distilleries can throw all the buzzwords at us, but most drinks come down to the following qualities:

  • What’s so special about the drink?
  • What does the drink taste like?
  • Is the drink good?

I’ll try to stick to these points, as well as give some context to the maker when appropriate. And of course, there will be political humor here and there just to stay on-brand 😉.

So sit back, get your pen ready, comb your toupee…. oh wait, you’re not President Trump.

So sit back, get your beer ready, and let’s talk booze.

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