Episode X: Bubbles, Blast Off, Bastards

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We hit our 10th episode, Boozers! Thanks for joining us for the fun and adventures. Here’s to many more!

As we kick off February, after the longest January on record, the turbulence of the news stream only seemed to ramp up. After years of momentum, and an especially shocking year of rising, the markets entered a sharp correction phase on Friday the 2nd. Monday’s markets brought more volatility, and by Tuesday the correction phase was underway. We continue to see very unsure ground as speculation of rising interest rates, wages, and any number of other factors seem to push markets up and down this week. None of this, of course, has any direct link to politics, but don’t tell the pundits that. Trump is only responsible when the markets are flying high, Obama era policies are to blame for any and all hiccups or failings. Thankfully, there are more leveled heads in journalism that seem to be pretty calm and collected about the correction we’re experiencing. All in all, corrections are healthy for markets. And even with a bumpy road this week, most market watchers seem to agree that volatility isn’t exactly a descriptor for the overall economy.


Speaking of healthy markets, SpaceX just re-wrote the manual on efficiency in getting to space. Elon Musk tested out his new Falcon Heavy rocket, which is re-useable, on live feed Tuesday. It was glorious, brilliant, and thrilling. Most importantly far cheaper than NASA’s government options. We focus on possibilities tied to this new phase of innovation, and the new business potential of Musk’s development and the other innovators in the field of space technologies.

Business Insider

We sorta jump around when it comes to D.C.’s bullshit, mostly because there’s just so much of it. There are basically two piles worth scooping: the government funding debate, and the battle of the intel issues. Everything else sort of stems from, or drains from, those two items. Tonight (February 8th) the Senate’s most infamous couple, Mitch McConnell and Amy Charles Schumerannounced a budget deal that increased federal spending for just about everything either of them could want. But the road to get to that agreement was a winding one, and not without pitfalls. Beyond the budget battles D.C. is also in the midst of a battle over perspective on politics of the intelligence community. As the FISA memos from the House Intelligence Committee do battle in the back rooms and secret hallways of the federal government, we get to watch as the Nunes memo is shredded in the media while we wait for the release of the Dem memo. Part of this pile of intel-shit is the Uranium One scandal — where Hilary was accused by the GOP of selling off US uranium stock piles to a Russian-backed company for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Well, the House GOP on various committees received testimony from a secret informant on Tuesday (a very busy day for the nation), much to the consternation of House Democrats. Democrats have plenty to fight over, and DACA is their current distraction of choice. It has proven to be a bitter pill to swallow, or at least unstable ground for them to fight on. Despite some attempts in the Senate, and Nancy’s un-passionate seven-ish hour nothing burger of a speech on the House floor today, the Dreamer’s situation has been effectively dismissed from current conversations on Capitol Hill.

Because we like to mix things up, we decided to end things in the arena of local politics. So, we bring up the safe injection sites planned by the City of San Francisco. Few details are being provided given the opaque political position the city has decided to take on drug access. We won’t say that this is a bad idea, but we won’t say it’s not a bad idea (Sean thinks it’s a terrible idea, but that’s neither here nor there). The potential for failure seems to outweigh any hope for a positive impact. But then again, the city refuses to release any real details about the programs or services they’ll potentially be providing on the backs of their citizens.

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