Episode 8: High Speed Bullshit

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Welcome back Boozers! This week has delivered a few loads of bullshit. Some of it ridiculous, some of it hilarious. We all know that the best way to deal with all of it is to dive in and call it by its name.

The first pile is a half-baked attempt at the furthest stretch of right-wing conservatism – an attempt by the Alabama Senate to remove the state government from issuing marriage licenses. Even though it seems to come from a place of bitter partisanship, if not outright homophobia, to me the more interesting thing about removing government from having a say in one of our core societal institutions is the possibility of expanding choice and freedom in marriage within the state of Alabama. We’ll have to wait and see if this attempt, the third one to pass the state’s senate, will clear the Alabama House of Representatives – where the previous attempts all failed.

Speaking of failed attempts, our home state of California is continuing its attempt to build a single stretch of high-speed rail to connect the gold-plated dumpster fires known as San Francisco and Los Angeles. The LA Times reportthis week lays out the astronomical failure that this plan is, while detailing the costs that seem to rise faster than sea levels in Al Gore’s nightmares. While attempting to make this project the crown jewel of Comrade Jerry Brown’s tenure as governor of California, the continuing delays and budget explosions threaten to turn a dream of connectivity and commerce into a nightmare of champagne socialist corporatism.

We touch on Trump’s top-ten list of fake news awards. Though humorous, it fails to diminish the fact that it’s an obvious joke seemingly deployed to distract from the failure of the administration to contain the infamous “shithole” comment, as well as the political fallout from immigration negotiations falling apart.

Of course, the biggest load of bullshit we’ve had to work through is the babe.net article about comedian Aziz Ansari’s now infamous date with “Grace.” And it blew up like wildfire! Sides were taken, op-eds were published at breakneck speeds, the talking heads had takes, and a national discussion took shape. HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield, in a starring role for the discussion that overtook the nation, took the first hard line position with what she seemed to view as a hit piece without meat to it. The New York Times’ Lindy West rose to meet her with an equally compelling shake down of Ansari. Both women hit their points hard and in such compelling ways. So much so that both points seem – or feel – equally matched. Sean and I both recognize the simple fact that we are men approaching this subject, but the Grace-Ansari incident is too central to the events of the week to not discuss. So we do.

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