Episode 7: The Wall on Drugs

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We’re back with the new year, and we hope everyone had a wonderful start to 2018!

Earlier this week President Trump sat down for a meeting with members of Congress to discuss immigration policy, and allowed the press to stay in the room. The media collective, and their fanboys on the left, clutched their pearls. It’s still hard to tell if their shock comes from the aura of openness around the meeting (a gesture of open and honest policy negotiations), or if it was the president’s generally open armed demeanor that took them aback.

With the new year we also had a wave of new faces for the Democrats fantasy-online presidential race. While there’s no official site dedicated solely to the Dem-POTUS fantasy league, fans got to live out their dreams on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. With Senator Kamala Harris getting appointed to the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, her name and star power got a nice boost in the theoretical 2020 race. Not to be out done, Oprah – who was honored for her contributions to entertainment at this year’s Golden Globe Awards – gave a stirring speech that seemingly roused the very core of every American heart. She’s now the top pick for Democrats to nominate in 2020.

And California began allowing legal weed. With fanfare and lines out the doors of dispensaries across the state, the people most famous for smokin’ dope can finally do so without the fun of hiding it from the police. Not that the grumpiest Keebler Elf, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, won’t shake his cane and yell everyone about it. Of course, California’s image as a bunch of lefty potheads with suntans wouldn’t be complete without the extraordinarily cumbersome tax and regulation system to go with it. And, while Californians move swiftly to enjoy their new recreational freedom, the dark shadow of AG Sessions looms upon the horizon. The opposition to legal weed is increasingly an unpopular position, and even Republican voters aren’t in step with the party’s position. Despite Sessions’ grip only tightening around federal policy, the general opinion towards policy is slipping away from him. It’s to the benefit of everyone if it continues to slip away from D.C., and states craft policy that best reflects the will of their citizens.

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