Episode 3: The Nets of Neutrality

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Robert Rougeux joins us for the chat this week. It’s an absolute blessing. We get into a number of topics with the father-to-be, and he has thoughts!

Meandering, as we are wont to do in conversations (it’s called friendship), we chat about campus speech culture, Antifa, pronouns, and Lady Bird (a triumph, if ever there was one). We also touch back on last week’s bulk topic, those thots in D.C., and the fact that the touchers are getting doxxed left and right. Allegations have been dropping on public figures in government, media, and business, and we are just trying to keep up with an ever expanding list of the nasty ones.

Jumping into this week’s bulk subject, we offer up our takes on Net Neutrality with the understanding that the majority of opinions on it are incredibly lopsided in favor of maintaining the FCC’s regulation. Nevertheless, we dive into the fear mongeringthe benefits, the downsides, and tackle the amusing hysteria that has gripped the nation more unexpectedly than a Hollywood producer on the casting couch. With reports of a bleak future for the internet, cynics sniggering at the fear, and the doomsday folks carrying their “end is near” signs through the streets, we finish off our bottles while going a few rounds over the FCC’s upcoming vote on the regulations that set up Net Neutrality.

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