Episode 27: SCOTUS Maximus

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Robert returns for a discussion on SCOTUS, beer, and Solo.

This last week’s announcement that Anthony Kennedy would be retiring from SCOTUS at the end of next month has unleashed mayhem. The internet went on the offensive. Twitter was awash in grief, and Facebook was an open blister of despair.

Bette Midler on SCOTUS lol

Never before could an old man’s retirement been seen as a sign of the end of our republic. The democrats’ nerves are shaken at the base, and republicans are all too pleased.  The real question here will be “who?” Who will be the chosen replacement? Trump, of course, has a famous list of potentials. Every media outlet has outdone themselves compiling their version of a short list POTUS might pick from.

Return of Solo, and the impact on a franchise.

With the return of Robert we finally get to talk Star Wars review, and the faltering of a franchise. We take the nerd path in the second half of this week’s talk to add a movie review of Solo: a Star Wars Story, and the impact that it’s low earnings have had on future plans for the anthology movies. Lucasfilm has announced a halt to production. That’s as much a statement of correcting course as we can expect to get from them. Rumors hit the media of a secret phone call with Disney head Bob Iger and the various heads of subsidiary companies discussing ousting Kathleen Kennedy.Iger and Kennedy

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