Episode 26: Babies on the Border

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Brent is back with the boys to talk about the crisis of politics and humanity on the border with Mexico.

And what a border crisis it is. Release of video and sound clips has enraged the public’s moral nerve. Trump has gone from not responsive to the seemingly extreme measures, to issuing an executive order to change the conditions. The media has been in a fit, and the internet is awash in dismay and remorse.

Well, we’re not afraid to opine on the controversy. There are unclear numbers, and questionable reporting tactics. There’s mixed messaging in policy. Leaders in Congress give responses to the press that lack clarity. The president seems to shift positions daily. That’s not surprising.

For all the outrage from the news media, there seems to be a lack of numbers or facts available. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, yesterday, finally got an interview with a Border Patrol agent. The interview seemed candid, and it more or less contradicted much of the narrative. The little girl Time Magazine used as a figure of the crisis on their recent cover is now known to have NOT been separated from her mother. Clearly utilized to conjure the imagery of Schindler’s List, is a crude attempt at bending the public consciousness.

Image result for time magazine cover trump
Girl at the border, Time Magazine


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Girl in a red coat, Schindler’s List 1993

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