Episode 25: Primary Instincts

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Sean and Johnny have the results of the California state primary. We also have new laws from Sacramento, and all kinds of other things to discuss this week!

Here in California, we had a big deal primary. Supposedly big deal, that is. We also have a this weird kind of primary setup that takes the top two vote getters regardless of party. This was supposed to make politics more moderate, but we know what happens to best intentions. Sometimes this means parts of the state get two from the same party in local races. This November we Californians will get to pick between the Democrat angel, Gavin Newsom, and Republican John Cox. Two Democrats will be available to choose from for US Senate, Dianne Feinstein and Kevin De Leon.

Basically, there’s no one really exciting to vote for. Newsom will continue Jerry Brown’s political trajectory. Cox says opposing things, but I have no reason to believe he can accomplish very much. Centrist Feinstein has gone left in the primary campaign to remind us that she’s a liberal. De Leon is more radical in policy, unrealistic in goals, and about as interesting as dried cow shit.

California Water Caps and Fines…

Each person will get 55 gallons of water to use each day starting in 2022, a number that will decrease to 50 gallons by 2030. The fines against municipalities will start at $1,000, and up to $10,000 during a drought, for not being in compliance. What more can be said? Pretty awkward position for the 5th largest economy on the planet. Also awkward as we’re not in a draught at the moment.

Primal nonsense, and shenanigans

Drugged up military service member steals a armored vehicle, and drives it through Virginia. This leads to a chase that’s on the internet, and we appreciate that. Also, he was live tweeting. These are blessed times.

Alice Marie Johnson, the woman who Kim Kardashian-West raised as the face of justice reform, was released from prison this week. POTUS commuted her sentence after talking with Kardashian-West just a couple weeks ago. This is the beginning stages for a potentially critical reevaluation of sentencing, and a positive thing for those who advocate for prison and justice reform.

Kellyanne Conway, the media’s worst nightmare, accidentally called POTUS the Commander of Cheese during an interview. This is priceless and fascinating! I hope this is a office joke they all use as code name in the West Wing.

Is former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, gonna run for office? For President? He seems to be setting himself up for politics as he steps away from the Starbucks board mumbling something on twitter about service and whatnot. Would he be a good leader for the country? He paints himself as a moderate, or at least as practical, in interviews. We discuss the possibility for a Schultz 2020 run.

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