Episode 22: Tabloids and Trash Heaps

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The boys come back from a bye-week to talk about the dumpster fire news cycle.

The tabloid nature of news and politics is pretty much the story of politics throughout history, but in our current era it’s in overdrive. From Stormy Daniels to Twitter blasts, it’s constant craziness. For every significant achievement, or major potential moment, there’s a media frenzy. And, while some of this is the fault of the president, some of it is the obsessive media frenzy. There’s an obvious objective within the media to play at politics.

Thomas Sowell recently tweeted:
Thomas Sowell on the tabloid nature of the major news media outlets

Tabloid poltics

There is always an obligation for the press to seek the truth, especially against political leaders. But there is the risk that journalism that comes from a place of bias can distort the presentation of information. And playing loose with facts by distorting aspects in order to cultivate opinion is borderline propaganda. The part that makes little sense is that it tends to actually help Trump. Major media outlets are forced to give redactions, corrections, or expansion on details to stories ranging from Trump’s wiretapping claims, to potential Stormy Daniels payouts, this week’s “animals” comment, and so on. This only allows the president to constantly trumpet lines like “fake news” and bolster claims of corruption in journalism.

The tabloid nature of the news cycle has made a relatively boring week more interesting than it should’ve been. John Bolton’s very presence in the Trump administration, or rather him speaking to the press as a member of the administration, has ruffled the North Korean’s feathers. We know more about Trump’s payment scheme with Cohen over Stormy Daniels, yet we know even less about POTUS’ relationship with her. Travis Allen surges in the GOP corner of the California governor’s race by trashing the democrat darling Gavin Newsom. Even the CEO of a tuna company had to testify in front of a congressional panel this week. And John McCain, allegedly, was the one who gave the notorious DNC dossier to James Comey (I drunkenly say Mueller in recording).  We also investigated Stormy Daniels’ vagina (you’ll need to search that on your own).

Seattle Head Tax (an update)

It is no longer a proposal, it’s now a thing that’s happening. The Seattle city council passed a reduced version of their notorious “head tax.” Sean and I recap the response from businesses from companies such as Dick’s to Starbucks. At $275 per full-time employee, per year, for companies that revenue more than $20 million a year, it’s a doozy of a hit to Seattle’s major economic powerhouse companies. Big name companies released generally negative statements about the new fine on employment. Even Starbucks being unusually bold in their opposition statement. For more discussion on Seattle’s so-called head tax click here.

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