Episode 2: Below the Beltway

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We’re back for another round, and this one’s a morning session brought on by mimosas.


The House of Representatives moved forward with their own tax plan, and it doesn’t quite line up with the Senate’s bill. Robert Gehl, writing for The Federalist Papers, gives a dig at senate democrats on the downside of Chief Justice John Roberts lining up with the liberals on the Supreme Court back in 2012. And, writing for The Daily Beast,Andrew Desiderio paints the GOP members of the House of Representatives as being much more aggressive in their pursuit of ACA repeal and tax reform.

Real ID

Here in our home state of California, one our favorite local channels has given us a heads up on the January 22, 2018 rollout of the REAL ID cards for domestic travel. The implementation has been a long and winding road, and previous attempts to stop, change, and delay the Federal Real ID Act of 2005 came to an end in 2014. Since then the rollout has occurred in 4 planned phases, with the last one being air travel for civilians. By 2020 all domestic air travel will require REAL ID for boarding, but until then a combination of passport and state ID is acceptable.

Hillary Clinton: The Mother Jones Exclusive Interview

While real legislation hits us, the fantasy world where Hillary Clinton’s political relevance remains undamaged by crushing defeat plays out over at Mother Jones. In a ridiculous interview, in some basement level break room, Ari Berman hosts Mrs. Clinton with all the respect and dignity one is expected to give to a presidential cosplayer. It’s basically political LARPing. Clinton rails against the Trump administration for not doing anything about the Russian hacking of the DNC – though the argument could be made that defeating the candidate who fails to understand security protocols is, in fact, the stronger national security position. Mrs. Clinton whined on about a few other topics, yet never mentioned that her book “What Happened” has fallen to the #12 spot on the New York Times best seller list, while Donna Brazile’s book “Hacks” is at #3. We, here at Boozed & Bothered, are team Donna.

Dicks in D.C.

Which brings us to our rant topic: the dicks in D.C. Lord preserve us, in these times. The world is full of sickos, and clearly people with sexual lusts of a predatory nature seem to feel very comfortable in the halls of power across this, otherwise, blessed land we know as America. In Ohio we check in on a pervy republican legislator, Wes Goodman, who has a history of voting against the LGBTQI community… He was caught enjoying the lustful pleasures of a man in his office. He’s married to a woman, at least as of this posting. He has resigned and apologized. Here in California, at least 6 accusers claim inappropriate sexual contact with democrat state assemblyman Raul Bocanegra. He has decided to resign at the end of his term, September 2018. It was recently revealed that the longest serving US Representative currently in the House, John Conyers, who was first elected in 1964, has settled multiple sexual harassment claims through the Congressional Office of Compliance. Total known settlement payout for various forms of misconduct have come out to $17 million in tax-payer funds, with 264 federal employees. Today, after this morning’s recording (Wednesday, November 22, 2017), US senator Al Franken was hit with two new accusations of inappropriate groping on campaign trails. The Huffington Post blasts the Senator and his backers as hypocrites for rationalizing Franken’s lewd actions while shaming GOP senate hopeful Roy Moore. Moore, who’s numbers have shifted downward in the face of child molestation charges from decades ago, denies all the allegations. The claims are hard to hear, and uncomfortably compelling. Moore is holding firm, despite being blackballed by local, state, and national GOP groups, and disgust from members of the Senate, including the GOP senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has entertained suggestions that the senate should expel Moore if he wins. The President suggested that Moore is innocent, based entirely on Moore’s denial, claiming that Moore would be better than a “liberal person.” We don’t agree with the president’s sentiments there.

With that, we wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

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