Episode 18: Drinking on the Edge of a Bridge to Nowhere

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We’re back with Robert, and we’re all ticked off about something.

Sometimes there’s a plan, and sometimes things are free like the wind. This week we go off the rails while drinking and ranting. And what could be better than beers and sake with the boys.

I’ll say this, though – the meme lords of the internet may have gone too far when they used Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown photo to make fun of that twit, Emma Gonzalez. Just look what happened to Katy Perry after her jokes about the princess of pop.

Movie talk, Parkland vs. Youtube – how dangerous is the PETA affiliation, favorite Democrats, dead robbers, and Reagan all have moments to shine in our drunk-and-rowdy 18th episode!

Grab your drink of choice and let’s get into it!

I'm here to talk about things, and drink things, and write about things. Doing it with friends makes it better.

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