Episode 11: Dragons and Dum-dums

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Boozers, we’re back with special guest, Matt for this week’s recording!

We have a ton of ground to cover, everything from the Chinese-Vatican agreement — and Chinese geo-political ambitions, to the Pyeongcheng 2018 Olympics, and all of the ridiculous disasters happening in the Trump white House over the past week!

Controversy has exploded over a recent diplomatic arrangement made between the Chinese communist government and the Vatican.
– http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Card.-Zen-on-the-bishops-of-Shantou-and-Mindong-42951.html
The shift in policy has caused quite the media stir: The Federalist Papers ProjectThe GuardianFox News all blasting the decision as an abandonment of underground and persecuted Chinese Catholics (and other Christian evangelist organizations. The New Strait Times, a Malaysian publication, had a generally positive take on the thawing of diplomatic ties between Beijing and the Vatican. Propagandist or not, western media has so far been ideologically opposed to the settlement reached on the appointment of bishops between the Vatican and the Chinese government. The Diplomat (published in Japan, lead by an Australian, and filled with mostly op-eds from contributors) seems to take a separate route entirely: what does this increase in diplomacy mean for Taiwan, or specifically the Republic of China in exile?
– This brings up a larger question: what are the ambitions of the Chinese government? From bloggers, to mainstream publishers, to policy op-eds. Many sources look to China’s movements, soft and hard, to attempt to figure out the true nature of Chinese ambitions.

-Every two years we have one season’s olympics or the other. This is the year for the winter games, and they are in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The Olympics are almost always a financial burden for the whoever wins the bid to host, and often times a focusing lens on the drama and politics surroundingthe host country. With South Korea opening itself to the participants of the winter games, and the international audiences that follow, the talking heads and pundits kept their eyes peeled for any potential scoop or story from North Korea. The northern delegation didn’t fail to create impact. A united Korean flag over a united delegation at the opening ceremonies lead to talks of talks, and gave the impression of potential warmth. American media was immediately swept off their feet with the northern dazzle. Buzzfeed basically saved western journalism’s intellectual integrity with this reality check, and the mainstream snapped-to within a few days of that publishing. Many noting the manipulation, and overconfidence, of the North- reality check that the North was there at the expense of the South. Ben Swann offers his insights on the North’s position.

– Back here in the states, we get to watch our own political dirty dancing. From porn star connections, to beat-em-up staffers, to bridges to nowhere…the headaches for the current administration never end.
Stormy Daniels: the paymentlegal or illegal?
Rob Porter: firstly, what is a Rob Porter? We honestly didn’t know until wikipedia explained it to us. The first wife has pics and an op-ed. Congressional investigation is launched, and things fail to line up between the White House and the intelligence chiefs regarding Porters background checks for security. CNN blatantly calls the out the administration for lying.
Policy Nothingness: the budget no one wants, and the media panned it immediatelyDACA debates failed in Congress, again. Trump suggested turning the EBT system into a government cheese and bread service, also widely panned. and Ivanka Trump and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) discussed a plan to use Social security funds to cover the costs of their easily dismissible paid family leave plan. #groans

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