Episode 1: I Guess We’re Here!

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We all have so much that we discuss in our friendship circles, and in ours a good chunk of the chats happen to be about the constant rollout of political news. Add to that a few drinks to flavor the moment, and you’ve got yourself all Boozed & Bothered. For us, that’s our point of inspiration. Having discussions about the state of politics, nationally and closer to home, and having a few rounds – it’s all very American.

To begin our journey here we have a couple articles and general topics to discuss. We’ll be pulling from various news publications throughout the course of this adventure, sometimes it’ll be a smaller online outlet, and other times it’ll be an international organization. For this first baby step we’ll be looking at two pieces from The Daily Wire and Rare, because we like to mix things up over here! The Daily Wire, run by Ben Shapiro, is a surging media organization that runs podcasts, livestreams, and boasts contributors and a staff that pumps out publications at light speed. Rare, self described as “America’s Newsfeed,” operates as a type of journalistic co-op based in D.C., and managed by various staff branches across the States. Rare is owned by Cox Media Group, with Betsi Flores as managing editor, and has Jack Hunter on as politics editor.

Catching our attention this week is President Trump’s Asian tour and the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate repeal from Rand Paul. We’re here for the conversation, and excited to have you with us for it!

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Producer’s Note: Boozed & Bothered, on occasion, may contain content that readers and listeners find offensive or distasteful. Please mind our disclaimer in such moments.

– Sean, producer and co-host, a.k.a “Daddy”

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this podcast and in these articles are solely those of the individual author(s), speaker(s), and/or guest(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Boozed & Bothered as a whole, or the views of any of Boozed & Bothered’s affiliate or parent companies and organizations.

I'm here to talk about things, and drink things, and write about things. Doing it with friends makes it better.

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