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Vignette 2: Sawant Your Money, Jeff!

Tensions Rise in Seattle Over Proposed Amazon Head Tax In recent news, Amazon decides to halt construction on new buildings for their Seattle HQ. The decision comes shortly after the city starts deciding on whether or not a head tax will be put in place against the company. Seattle City Council member and ardent socialist,… Keep Reading

Net Neutrality
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Multiple States Considering Net Neutrality Laws

Since the unprecedented repeal of Net Neutrality regulations, many states have continued the fight on their own. One of the biggest and most controversial moves the Trump administration has made since inauguration has been the repealing of the Obama era Net Neutrality rules. FCC Chair Ajit Pai helped spearhead the charge against the short lived… Keep Reading

News & Politics

Laura Ebke: The Jack News Feature

One piece that didn’t make it into the recording of this week’s conversation on Boozed & Bothered’s podcast was an article from The Jack News that acted as a type of spotlight on Nebraska state senator Laura Ebke. The writers over at The Jack News gave us a story about how Ms. Ebke, who represents… Keep Reading

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