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Episode X: Bubbles, Blast Off, Bastards

We hit our 10th episode, Boozers! Thanks for joining us for the fun and adventures. Here’s to many more! As we kick off February, after the longest January on record, the turbulence of the news stream only seemed to ramp up. After years of momentum, and an especially shocking year of rising, the markets entered a… Keep Reading


Episode 9: Predators, Posers, and Puppets

There’s a certain expectation that’s developed in the Trump era when it comes to news cycles: lurching forward with whiplash. With each week, we seem to be thrown for wild rides with Trump’s shadow cast on everything. It’s not necessarily Trump’s fault, but his personality and positioning create a gravity well that seems to force… Keep Reading


Episode 8: High Speed Bullshit

Welcome back Boozers! This week has delivered a few loads of bullshit. Some of it ridiculous, some of it hilarious. We all know that the best way to deal with all of it is to dive in and call it by its name. The first pile is a half-baked attempt at the furthest stretch of right-wing… Keep Reading


Episode 7: The Wall on Drugs

We’re back with the new year, and we hope everyone had a wonderful start to 2018! Earlier this week President Trump sat down for a meeting with members of Congress to discuss immigration policy, and allowed the press to stay in the room. The media collective, and their fanboys on the left, clutched their pearls. It’s still hard… Keep Reading


Episode 6: Epics, Fantasies, and Delusions of Grandeur

As of this writing, the GOP tax bill finished making its awkward journey through the halls of Congress. All of the drama surrounding the legislation, the largest adjustment to the tax code in over a generation, is at an end. The president signed the bill into law this morning. Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released… Keep Reading


Episode 5: Tiny Little Controversie

With our pal of the program, Robert, awaiting the arrival of his first child, Sean and I are left to our own devices once again. To cope with our return to duo status this week , we returned to familiar territory: beer. Creating waves of mild controversy is the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.” The bill was… Keep Reading


Episode 4: Mountains and Mole Hills

We’re back with Robert! He’s going to be a very busy man once his son is born, so it was great to get him back on an episode before his paternal duties start. As always, the news moves at a pace approaching light speed, and this week it it came both fast and heavy. In… Keep Reading


Episode 3: The Nets of Neutrality

Robert Rougeux joins us for the chat this week. It’s an absolute blessing. We get into a number of topics with the father-to-be, and he has thoughts! Meandering, as we are wont to do in conversations (it’s called friendship), we chat about campus speech culture, Antifa, pronouns, and Lady Bird (a triumph, if ever there was one). We also touch… Keep Reading


Episode 1: I Guess We’re Here!

We all have so much that we discuss in our friendship circles, and in ours a good chunk of the chats happen to be about the constant rollout of political news. Add to that a few drinks to flavor the moment, and you’ve got yourself all Boozed & Bothered. For us, that’s our point of… Keep Reading

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