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Rashon Nelson & Dante Robinson

Episode XX: Airstrikes and a Coffee Black

Shanna joins the cast for talks on Syrian Airstrikes, Starbucks, Blackness, Barbara Bush’s passing, and boozy things. This week was a media frenzy. Trump ordered airstrikes on Syrian targets after a chemical gas attack. While Assad’s government faces the shaming of the international community, it’s the internal politics of POTUS’s airstrikes that have feathers ruffled… Keep Reading

Uncle Joe cozys up to Zuckerberg (2018, Colorized)

Episode 19: The Zuckerberg Trials

The boys are back this week to talk the Zuckerberg hearings, 3 Californias, and Syrian bombs. The bigger fish on this week’s plate is Zuckerberg’s unnecessary trip to Capitol Hill. The grumpy old men and women of congress got to let their idiot flags fly for a few minutes while they pretended to care about our… Keep Reading


Episode 17: Barr and Barrel

This week, Anthony joins the crew for rants, bants, and brews! While the Hogg roast in Florida continues to cook up controversy and nonsense, we’re here to talk about Roseanne’s return, brew tours, guns, and yes…we even touch on Hogg-warts and his bully pulpit. Join us for rambles and rumbles, revelations and revolutions, all with… Keep Reading


Episode 16: I-5 and the Red Army

Brent joins us for bants and brews! As we started setting up for recording tonight’s episode Black Lives Matter protests over the death of Stephon Clark were shutting down the north-south corridor on the western side of downtown Sacramento, Interstate 5. Golden 1 Center was on lock down as the Sacramento Kings played against the Atlanta Hawks.… Keep Reading


Episode 15: Teen Spirit and Daddy Lamb

We’re with Matthew, and we’re talking walkouts and Dem wins! This week high school kids across the country participated in an institutionally backed, and liberal activist organization supported, walkout to protest gun violence. Keep Reading


Episode 14: Oscar’s Grouchy, and He Has Four Nuts

We’re a full cast set today, so let’s dive right in! Matthew, Robert Rougeux, Sean, and I crack open the cold ones to discuss the very discussable – and very unwatchable – 90th Oscars brought to us by The Academy. We give thoughts on movies, and culture, and how lame Kimmel is. We delicately touch on… Keep Reading


Episode 13: The Bros and Cons of Social Justice

We’re back, and we have a table! Robert Rougeux and Matthew are here for the chat tonight! This time we pick our favorite, and least favorite social justice movement of the era we’re living in. It gets a bit rowdy! Rob had to leave us for part two, where we discuss our thoughts on policies… Keep Reading


Episode 12: So, What You’re Saying Is…

NO NEWS. We’re taking things off the rails to have a hash-out on two subjects: US foreign occupations and gun regulations. Matt’s back for this episode’s sparring match, and his humor is as spicy and salty as the oxygen absorption packet in the beef jerky he brought over. Keep Reading


Episode 11: Dragons and Dum-dums

Boozers, we’re back with special guest, Matt for this week’s recording! We have a ton of ground to cover, everything from the Chinese-Vatican agreement — and Chinese geo-political ambitions, to the Pyeongcheng 2018 Olympics, and all of the ridiculous disasters happening in the Trump white House over the past week! Keep Reading

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