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Iger and Kennedy

Episode 27: SCOTUS Maximus

Robert returns for a discussion on SCOTUS, beer, and Solo. This last week’s announcement that Anthony Kennedy would be retiring from SCOTUS at the end of next month has unleashed mayhem. The internet went on the offensive. Twitter was awash in grief, and Facebook was an open blister of despair. Keep Reading

Border crisis releases US moral rage

Episode 26: Babies on the Border

Brent is back with the boys to talk about the crisis of politics and humanity on the border with Mexico. And what a border crisis it is. Release of video and sound clips has enraged the public’s moral nerve. Trump has gone from not responsive to the seemingly extreme measures, to issuing an executive order… Keep Reading

Primary winners for CA governor

Episode 25: Primary Instincts

Sean and Johnny have the results of the California state primary. We also have new laws from Sacramento, and all kinds of other things to discuss this week! Here in California, we had a big deal primary. Supposedly big deal, that is. We also have a this weird kind of primary setup that takes the… Keep Reading

Roseanne Barr national anthem 1990

Episode 24: The Stars and Barrs

We’ve got Brent and the boys together this week to talk about Roseanne Barr’s party foul, and surrounding issues. Other celebrities ups and downs weave in and out of politics and entertainment in the shadow of Roseanne Barr’s misstep. The NBA Finals start this week, and with all the hype and drama people cherish. And… Keep Reading

controversies are controversial

Episode 23: Tiny Little Controversies, Part 2

Robert and the boys are back to talk about all the petty little controversies that have swirled around this week! Part of the fun of watching, and reading, the news constantly is seeing the shifts in mood. From outrage to shock, and from guffaws to giggles there’s always little controversies that makes us go red… Keep Reading

Trump's tabloid presidency

Episode 22: Tabloids and Trash Heaps

The boys come back from a bye-week to talk about the dumpster fire news cycle. The tabloid nature of news and politics is pretty much the story of politics throughout history, but in our current era it’s in overdrive. From Stormy Daniels to Twitter blasts, it’s constant craziness. For every significant achievement, or major potential… Keep Reading

Vignette 2: Sawant Your Money, Jeff!

Tensions Rise in Seattle Over Proposed Amazon Head Tax In recent news, Amazon decides to halt construction on new buildings for their Seattle HQ. The decision comes shortly after the city starts deciding on whether or not a head tax will be put in place against the company. Seattle City Council member and ardent socialist,… Keep Reading

Yeezy @ TMZ

Episode 21: B-Yeezy

Yeezy jumps the rails in a TMZ interview. Michelle Wolf is the fly in the champagne at the White House Correspondents Dinner. The Koreas seem set to end their 68 year long war. Keep Reading

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