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Episode XX: Airstrikes and a Coffee Black

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Shanna joins the cast for talks on Syrian Airstrikes, Starbucks, Blackness, Barbara Bush’s passing, and boozy things.

This week was a media frenzy. Trump ordered airstrikes on Syrian targets after a chemical gas attack. While Assad’s government faces the shaming of the international community, it’s the internal politics of POTUS’s airstrikes that have feathers ruffled on Capitol Hill and in media outlets. Reports of Secretary Mattis’ urge for congressional approval further obscured public opinion on the airstrikes. President Trump hailed them as a success, and the opinions split among members of congress. Several Democrats and Republicans have spoken out against the president’s use of airstrikes. The majority, though, have been silent or supportive. For more on Syria, check out Episode 19: The Zuckerberg Trials.

syrian airstrikes
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The Starbucks Situation

This week also brought us the news of the arrest of Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson at a Philadelphia Starbucks. Social media, and news media, has taken the incident to the height of conversation. The initial release of another customer’s video recording of the event left millions of people who viewed it online stunned. The subsequent interviews  with the two men, and a full on media blitz by Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson and Executive Chairman Howard Schultz, have taken the visibility of the situation to new heights.

In an ongoing, and sometimes uncomfortable, dialog about race the fact remains that we need something to shift forward. We need a change in awareness, in policy, in perspective. We’re here to try our best to have some of those conversations. We want to engage with new ideas and differing perspectives. Not every item of conversation clings to rigid concepts of political ideology, and a deeper understanding of our agreements sometimes shows how the paths that lead to consensus are as varied as the paths that lead to differences of opinion.

We also remember the legendary Barbara Bush. Her legendary wit, candor, and brashness will endure for generations.

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